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Fade an Entire Design Using jQuery

Sat, Feb 17, 2007

I've been using jQuery lately at work to create some pretty cool effects and tabs, and I must say I'm starting to like it more and more.

I had an idea to morph a website's design from one to another, so i created this little test (Click anywhere on the page to fade to the other design).
It didn't turn out exactly as cool as I first had hoped, because all I really do is fade out body, change its class and fade it back in.
You could however potentially animate every CSS attribute that differs in the two design, and create a really fuckin neat morph.
I could not be arsed though, cus that would mean putting all the CSS in the js-file.

Also the fade is a bit sketchy. I don't understand why the "Round" design jumps up and down like that, but i guess it's something i have to live with.

I can't use this on my style-switcher though, because changing a style on my site not only changes CSS attributes, but includes other JS-files etc.
And also i can't be arsed to go through every design i've made and put a in front of every selector.

Anyhoo, check it out.

A Really Old School Design

Thu, Feb 01, 2007

Just finished coding this really old-school design i initially made a couple of years ago.
It looks horibble, but it was a pretty good CSS excersise to get my current HTML to look like that through CSS.
I actually had to use some JS aswell to add a div for the bottom-left image in the content-area (home/archives etc).

I had the 2 year old source code zipped up and saved for reference, but the page wouldn't render properly in FF, which isn't strange when you consider the code; table based design, inline styles, attribute values without quotes etc.
I tried it in IE7 and there it rendered just fine. Too bad IE has better support for crappy code, than for modern standards.

Anyway, it's pure CSS now so check it out on the styles page or click here to apply it right away


Major Back-End Update

Tue, Jan 30, 2007

Hey, hey!

I know i've been extremely slow with the updates lately, only a few old school stuff and some images to show for the last several months.
The reason is I now have a full time job and thus not as much time to spend on my personal projects.

However, since about June I've been working on updating the back-end part of my site.
Back-end is not my strongest side, but the more code i write, the more i learn. Beacause of that, i constantly realize what i did 2 weeks ago is no longer good enough so i've now gone through about 3 different versions of exscale, and finally settled with this one.

As a visitor you will hardly notice a difference. But a couple of things have changed; all the urls have been re-written and (temporarily) there's no longer any Ajax-trickery used on the site. This is beacause i've started using jQuery (well, i'm gonna start), and i have not yet been arsed to re-code all my old JS to 'jQuery-JS'.

I've tried to build the back-end modular. But to tell you the truth i don't even know what that means, hehe.
I can tell you this though, every part of the site is its own "module" (emphasis on the quotation-marks). It is completely separated from the rest of the site's modules, and the site itself (almost).
If you have no idea what im on about, or you do, but think i don't, check out this file and see if that helps you understand what i'm trying to say.
Files like that i've decided to call "PageTypes". They are what defines what goes on a specific page.
The one i linked to is the RecentArticles-page. And all the XML-nodes in that file represent the different "modules" used on that page.
It works quite well, and i'm planning on creating a cool drag-and-drop admin for creating pages. If i can be arsed.

I've been working on a new design aswell, but it's really going slow.
The one you see now (unless you've changed it) is the one i've been using during development of the back-end.
I know it looks shit, but i kinda like it =).

Expect more updates in the near future. New JavaScript effects, new design and whatnot.

Oh yea, I added a few more renders of "The Office", been thinking about rendering a big version of that aswell, but don't really have any inspiration to sort out the lighting. I also added a X-mas special tune by FlyBoy4 on the FlyBoy4-page.
Almost all the styles have been re-coded (again!). But this time i'm pretty sure i won't be changing the HTML ever again (yea right), so hopefully i won't have to do that again.

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